Review MOC 26379 Botanical Park

Hello everyone, welcome back to MOC Brick Land. Today we will share with you about an amazing MOC set, that’s MOC 26379 Botanical Park.

The model Botanical Park MOC 26379 City is an innovative MOC set designed by BrickPolis. This set includes 1399 high-quality ABS bricks. This is the inner part of the Botanical Garden with sakura tree, flower shop, coffee shop, fountain and lots of green.

This MOC set has a compatible version – MOULDKING 16019. Now let’s take a look at this version first.


The model number of this botanical garden is 16019. First look at the front of the box, which is mainly composed of the final renderings and size display pictures, and there is a slogan “Yu Xing Mo Wang, illuminate your brickfield”… Well, the lighting is Yuxing’s standard.

The back of the box is made up of renderings and details in the other direction. Unlike the “traditional” street view, this street view can be appreciated from four directions. At present, this kind of street view seems to be gradually increasing.

The contents of this botanical garden (I like to call it the flower room) are as follows, four large subcontractors, detailed substep subcontracting inside, a lighting parts package, bottom plate, independent transparent parts

Because the front of the manual is basically the same as the outer box, so the back of the manual is basically the same as the outer box

The close-up of the lighting parts package also explained above: Scan the code to get the installation instructions for the light. If you need to add the light, you need to install the light at the time of assembly. In other words, the paper manual is not accompanied by light instructions, and it will not affect people who do not want to add lights.


Next, start assembling the bottom plate part. There are lloor tiles, stems and leaves of some plants, and some aquatic plants.

Next, start to assemble more plants, fountains, and some indoor details. Then we have the complete bottom of the wall.

From this perspective, you can already see the feeling of some botanical gardens, but now it is a bit like a park flower bed…

The main content of the interior is completed, except for the tree in the middle.

After adding the tree in the middle and the outer frame of the building, it looks a lot denser.

From another perspective, the plants are still very dense.

Install glass windows (walls) and arrange lighting lines.

Assemble the side windows of the top patio.

At this point, the main structure of the building is almost complete. It can be seen that the transparency of the large transparent pieces is particularly good.

Start to assemble the top cover part below, first of all, the “bottom” wall of the top cover, there is still a layer of windows.

From another angle, the window is very obvious, and you can also see that the light transmission effect of the transparent parts here is still very good.

Continue upward, the wall part of the roof is completed.

Most of the top cover is made of transparent “window” parts.

The top cover is partially completed.

Combined with the wall of the top cover, the effect of the top transparent piece is also very good.

Assemble with the main body below. Here, the top cover and the main body are easily disassembled. This design is also mentioned on the back of the outer packaging. It can also be found here that the light routing is basically concentrated on the back of the building.

The final structure, the “cat’s eye” above the main entrance, speaking of this, I remembered the story of a former friend who installed a cat’s eye window in her house when she asked her dad to decorate…

After installing the last structure, the whole botanical garden is completed.

The positive effect is that the light transmittance of the window is very good (repeatedly mentioned above), don’t worry about the light of the plastic plants inside~ It is a serious botanical garden

Turning on the lights is even better! Because of the large number of transparent windows, the overall look is very bright, and the internal details are unobstructed, very beautiful~


The transparent parts of this flower house (botanical garden) have a great effect, so the lighting effect is also very good. Also thanks to this transparent piece with good permeability and independent packaging to reduce scratches, even if the light is not turned on (there must be light in the room, the black piece can’t be seen), the internal details will be very clear show out. Maybe it’s the only choice to send a girl, of course, it’s the girl who likes building blocks…

So that is the building of a compatible version of MOC 26379 Botanical Park belonging to the City theme. Do you want to build the MOC version of this model, or have you got one in your City collection? Let us know in the comment section down below. Thank you and see you next time with more great MOC sets.

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