Review MOC 18916 The Empire over Jedha City with 5098 Pieces

Hello everyone, below is a product review article about model MOC 18916 The Empire over Jedha City with 5098 Pieces from our loyal customers – Ms. Florian Wolter

The editor is a normal star war, but it does not affect the editor who fell in love with this set. When I saw it, I felt shocked. The only moc used to take off.

But this year is moc year, basically, moc will be finished by the manufacturer. Looking forward to more good products coming out.

This scene is from “Star Wars Story: Grand Theft Auto One”

MOC 18916 The Empire over Jedha City

Over Jeddah city. So this work is also called Jeddah City

There is enough nonsense, let’s watch the movie, let’s go!

Box Photos

MOC 18916 The Empire over Jedha City, of course, the shattered city you see.

Behind the introduction of the size and the engine of the ship, it is really beautiful.

For the first time, the water meter, the first time I played the brickworks of MOC 18916 The Empire over Jedha City

Product Size


The size of the box is not large, and it is packed with a world lid. The two inner boxes are printed with logo symmetry, which is quite special.

There is a digital box, a box is a mobile phone high (small iphone6s plus, can fight for another 3 years).

Inside the box No. 01, there are building blocks No. 2 and No. 3, which show the receipt and take-up device.

Box 02 has blocks 1 and 4. No excessive packaging, very environmentally friendly, praise one.

The sub-contracting method can be called step sub-contracting, but in the No. 1 large package, all are sub-contracting.

Two correction pages are included, but they are only available at the end, just write them down.

When you first watch it, do n’t be afraid, the No. 1 bag is all the same for every type, just different colors. These are used to assemble the base

Type separately

The big bag No. 2 has been sub-contracted in steps, with corresponding numbers

Building Process

Opening up, step subcontracting is similar to this, steps 34 to 42 are all used in this small package.

At the beginning, first put together 5 supporting bases.

note! This type of brick product, installed with a hammer, will have twice the result with half the effort!

This time, the bricks have the good gloss and basically no scratches.

To put together a base, there are too many places to pay attention to, because almost everywhere!

It’s a bit like Wang Ba. . . . .

At the bottom, you can only take photos now.

From inside to outside is red to brown, does it mean temperature change.

The bottom was originally centered, but the editor felt that there were several large boards next to them that were not connected, so the editor changed it a bit and moved it a little to the right.
 This red color is actually not much chromatic aberration, but the mobile phone is a little scum.

The base of the city is not too obvious on the drawings, so the editor gives a view of the house, hoping to help everyone.

Start to fight the city, exaggerated! Microcity.

This city took about 4 hours. Please see the drawings clearly.

4 hours, blind.

The manual rarely finds errors. In step 122, the lower layer of the drawing is 6 squares and the upper layer is 7 squares. The real thing is like this

Of course, step 139 is also wrong, and the real thing is also available for everyone to see.

The wall of this city takes about 10 hours. Part of the wall can be reinforced, but it is not written in detail, but after everyone has done it, you can understand it by looking at the back.

It’s like this after the fence, but this yellow is a bit bright, it should be deeper.

Start to fight the triangle.

This is the ship’s surface

Symmetrical 2 faces

Skeleton, a lot of artillery next to it

The rear engine port is really beautiful.

This is what the Great Triangle is all about.

The console is not tightly connected and loose.

Battleships and transparent pieces are connected by these pins.


Virtual evaluation

360-degree display of finished products

Finished product size: 53 * 32 * 34, unit cm


Melaleuca cake feeling.

Over the city

The triangle looks really good.

Put in minifigures and see the comparison.

Plus Christmas x wing

There are many barrels on the side

4-hour urban masterpiece

City people see only this

This exterior wall is a bit too bright in color.

The best angle, butt,

Night falls

The car is in the city!

The editor thinks that this bracket is really good. When you set up the car, you can test the motor.

According to the moment of deception:

Fat editor summary:

This work is completed, the editor takes about 40 hours (including assembly, classification, photo, P picture, record, writing tweets)

Star rating is just my personal opinion

(Highest 5 points)

Appearance: 5

Difficulty: 4

Structure: 4

Brick quality: 4.3

Color difference: no

Glitch: no

Recommended purchase level: 4.5

(Highest 5 points)

First, summarize the need to pay attention to the situation:

  1. There are steps for subcontracting, but the No. 1 large bag is a general package for the base, which uses category subcontracting.
  2. The 2×3 wedge-shaped board has the wrong direction in the left and right direction, but it does not affect the final product.
  3. At step 98, a lot of parts drawings are on file, and you can’t see them. There is a view of the house above the editor.
  4. Steps 122 and 139, the drawing is wrong, there is a physical picture.

First of all, MOC 18916 The Empire over Jedha City are really okay, the bite is normal, the bricks are clean, and there are no scratches.

There is no excess on the packaging, and the very compact bagging method is very environmentally friendly.

The disadvantage is that some parts on the manual are printed with a color difference, and the city wall is more vivid

The typical assembly fun of this set is not great, but the effect of the finished product is very good. If there is no patience, you will use the same city generation mode.

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